Specializing in custom production
Custom hats, caps, gloves, mittens, socks and more.

Why choose AAMaking

We have one of the most experienced teams in the industry. Our people have decades of experience with all aspects of the custom process (from ordering to actual production) and are here to make sure that your experience is the best that it can be.

Ownered factory

Unlike many of our competitors who depend on contractors to produce their designs and custom embroidery, we operate our own art studio and factory right outside of DongGuan, China. This allows us to carefully control the process which ensures the highest quality and fastest production. This means that our quality and service is truly world class. Our supply ability is 300000 Pieces per Month,and we operate the most modern embroidery equipment.

Our Prices Is Competitive

We are located in Guangzou, China, which is known as the world factory. There are a lot of industrial support and raw material suppliers to ensure that we can purchase high quality raw materials at low prices. At the same time, we avoid waste by adopting production technology and scientific management. So AAMaking offers you the best prices and the best products.

For Most items

The minimum order quantity as 100 pieces with modification available. We warmly welcome customers to contact us for future cooperation based on mutual benefits.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee to beat the price of any US competitor by 10%.  And we’ll keep the mold for 2 years, you can re-order at anytime during this period.

Our Production

We create your products according to the designs you send. You can e-mail us sketches of the item you want us to develop, and our skilled designers will have a design in one day, and a finished sample in one to two weeks. Our four R&D team members develop 40 to 80 new styles each month.

Our Quality

We have raw material suppliers in Suzhou, Guangzhou, Zhuhai, Xianggang and other cities. We are responsible for the QC of raw all materials to ensure the high-quality of our products.

we offer OEM Service and COMPETITIVE price